10 Uncommon Habits That Will Make You a Better Writer

From Expert Enough:

If you’re the student that got highest marks in writing and composition in school, you learned to please a very specific type of reader. A teacher, professor, or academic. That doesn’t necessarily mean your writing will please the average reader, much less the audience you are trying to reach with whatever writing you are creating now.

ere are ten habits you might want to cultivate that will make you a better writer, if they become habits:

If you’re a mediocre writer, hire it done. This is a serious consideration and requires painful self-reflection. If your “core competence” is somewhere other than crafting finely wrought sentences that others like to read, hire someone to get it done and do what you do best. You cannot make yourself a great writer if you do not have the talent. Use your talents to support great writers, instead.

Start early. Get out of bed and start writing while your morning coffee is brewing. This forces your mind into gear and gives you a head start.

Start before you’re ready. You just think you have nothing to write. Write something and then write something more. Writing is the beginning of thinking, not the other way around.

Write the way you speak. Avoid big words, jargon and precious language. The most important thing you can do is make sure you are not misunderstood, not impress your reader with your intellect and grasp of erudite composition.

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