Why Fans Should Care About Battle In California Assembly Between Angels, StubHub

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From The Post Game:

Who owns a sports ticket? A California Assembly Committee met this week to debate a bill that could determine the fate of ticket “ownership” in a high-profile battle between the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, primary ticket provider Ticketmaster, and secondary marketplace StubHub. The issue in question: Who has the right to re-sell a ticket after it has been purchased?

The bill, which was brought by Assemblyman Richard Pan (D-Sacramento), would make it illegal for companies like Ticketmaster to prohibit the re-sale of tickets by fans, among other marketplace regulations.

StubHub, which supports the bill, argues that once a fan buys a ticket from a team and its primary seller, it is their possession to do as they choose. That typically includes using the ticket to go to the game, giving it as a gift to a loved one, or reselling it if they choose not to attend. Teams will be fighting for their right to total control of their tickets, even after they have been purchased, while StubHub defends its claim that once the ticket is in the hand of the consumer, it’s theirs to use, give or resell as they choose.

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