Quincy Jones on technology


From The Next Web:

While it might seem counter-intuitive for an 80-year-old to be involved in a software startup, Jones said that he’s been integrating tech and music throughout his career.

“We were the guinea pigs for all the synthesizers. I used the very first one in Ironside,” he recalled. “We were the first ones with the Fender bass…Without the Fender bass in 1953, connected to the electric guitar, which came out in 1939, there would be no rock and roll and no Motown. It would have changed everything.”

He continued: “I know this young guy who said, “Us young guys are going to have to teach the old guys technology,” and I said, “Naw, I’ll teach your ass.” I was in Silicon Valley 48 years ago. I literally thought that the information age and computers, they were smoking kool-aid, man. [Object-oriented programming pioneer] Alan Kay was my teacher back then.”

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