What to get the vinyl collector that has everything? How about a $160,000 turntable!


From Marketwatch:

Who says vinyl is dead? The LP has re-emerged as the music format of choice among hipsters and audiophiles, with sales soaring by nearly 18% to 4.6 million albums in 2012, according to Nielsen Soundscan. (Just two decades ago, sales were down to 300,000.) But before you join the bandwagon — April 20 is National Record Store Day, after all — you’ll need a turntable. Continuum, an Australian audio brand, suggests its $160,000 Caliburn model — a record player that it bills as “something beyond the state-of-the-art.” In layman’s terms, that means everything about the turntable is designed with stability in mind — the fewer vibrations, the better the sound. The stand, for instance, is “precision-machined in aircraft-grade aluminum” and incorporates a “floating platform.” Its oddly shaped tonearm promises “infinite stiffness with lowest mass.” And its “platter” — that’s where the LP sits — is 80 pounds, and driven by a specially built motor that makes use of the same technology employed by the U.S. military “for select advanced motion-control systems.”

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