Oreo’s “Dunk In The Dark” Strategy And The Future Of Real-Time Marketing


From Fast Company:

there are several key themes that can be immediately leveraged from the “newsroom” approach that all brands can embrace now, to not only help engage audiences with breakthrough content, but more importantly, to ensure they remain an active and ongoing part of the cultural dialogue.

1. Tap into the moment: As marketers, we’ve been engineered to work towards developing the next killer brand campaign that will make our clients famous and fundamentally transform their businesses. Perhaps that’s still our collective motivation, but in the realm of real-time marketing, the notion of traditional campaign planning becomes a bit irrelevant. In this “always-on” marketplace, brands are now tasked with tapping into everyday moments as they emerge with genuine wit, creativity, and timeliness to help drive cultural relevance with their audiences. Of course, this model still requires extensive planning, preparation, and vision, but the emphasis shifts towards developing a series of micro-campaigns that tether back to a central brand idea or distinctive point of view. It’s this flexibility and reliance on real-time audience insights that encourage creative expression while still (ideally) remaining true to the spirit of the brand.

Recently, M&M’s brought this vision to life with a timely and playful tweet to a student who had invited Kate Upton to join him for his senior prom. Although clearly not on the scale of the Super Bowl, this approach encapsulates the exact vision of celebrating everyday cultural moments while still ensuring the experience remains relevant and authentic to the brand. Also relevant is AT&T’s prominent activation around March Madness that brought this vision to life at scale and enabled the brand to dominate the social engagement around key moments of the tournament.

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