Nielsen Study Examines Who Is Buying Music

From Billboard:

The “State of the Media” is helpful in the way Cliffs Notes provide a good amount of information in a short amount of space. The report recaps 2012’s music sales, music streaming statistics, social media behaviors related to music and consumer behavior for video, video games and books. It shows that over half of consumers on Facebook and Twitter read posts by artists — but only 14% retweet artists’ posts and 15% share Facebook posts by artists.

The famous 80/20 rule almost fits with music consumption. The high spenders, a third of all U.S. consumers, represent nearly four out of every five dollars (78%) spent on music. High spenders account for 79% of all video-on-demand spending, 76% of all video game spending and 70% of spending on satellite radio and reading material such as books, magazines or newspapers.

That leaves roughly 25% — give or take a few percentage points — of spending by the groups Nielsen calls moderate and low entertainment spenders. Moderate spenders have an average household income of $51,000. Half are female, 8% are teens.

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