Troy Carter Says The Next Technology Disruption In Music Will Happen In Terrestrial Radio

From Techcrunch:

During Disrupt, Lady Gaga’s manager and Atom Factory founder, Troy Carter, suggested that the area ripe for disruption in the music industry by technology is terrestrial radio.

For those who still get in their car to listen to music, Carter feels like there are openings for startups to build on top of the platform to bring people what they really want to hear. He shared: “I think the opening right is figuring out terrestrial radio, that’s the one space that Sirius could have done it with subscription radio, but you look at Clear Channel and CBS, it’s not what people want. People just get in a car and turn on a local station. It’s going to be interesting when you get in your car and you’re listening to a 17-year-old kid in Russia.”

While calling out Sirius as somewhat of a failure in disrupting radio the way that we thought it would, it comes as a bit of a shock that a music mogul like Carter wants to re-focus on radio.

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