The Beatles Song Nobody Likes


Neatorama presents a guest post from actor, comedian, and voiceover artist Eddie Deezen.

The Beatles are the most talked about, written about, discussed, analyzed, and dissected group in the history of music. Almost all of the Beatles’ songs are liked by some segment of Beatle fans. The actual “most popular” Beatles song is up for grabs. Various polls on the subject have been conducted, with diverse results.

Some like the love songs, some like the hard rock, some like “John songs,” some prefer the “Paul songs,” some like the later, freakier stuff, and some like the simplicity of the early stuff. But always, in every poll on the subject ever taken, one song stands out, alone and undisputed, as the “least popular” Beatles song of all-time.

It’s hard to actually call “Revolution 9” a song at all. It’s more of a patchwork of sounds, fragments, clips, odd instruments, disjointed voices, tape loops, a weird, eerie collage of what John Lennon and his then-girlfriend called “avant-garde” art (?) and music (?). “Revolution 9” is the penultimate song on the Beatles’ otherwise brilliant and eclectic masterpiece of music The Beatles, otherwise known as “the White Album.”

The Beatles (the White Album) was the band’s 10th album consisting of 30 songs. Although protests came from various quarters about including “Revolution 9” on the album, John remained proud of his strange concoction, proclaiming, “This is the music of the future. You can forget about the rest of the s**t we’ve done. This is it! Everybody will be making this stuff one day!”

Lennon was no Nostradamus.

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