Zach Braff on Kickstarter, indie filmmaking and the skeptics


From LA Times:

Were you surprised by the degree of backlash (on Kickstarter)? I was reading some blog comments earlier, and there was some pretty harsh talk about this being crowdfunding on steroids and suggesting you might be abusing the system.

ZB: There’s been some deliciously yummy vitriol. I guess I was a little naive about this coming in. I didn’t think that people would care that much about a little movie, which I was wrong about. But I can’t say I totally get it. It’s not like I’ve taken over Kickstarter. It’s not like when you go to the home page there’s a big picture of me smiling at you; you have to click through past a lot of other worthy projects to find it. It’s not like I lobbied Congress to pass a tax to finance my movie. It’s just sitting there in a corner of the site. If you want to wave at it and back it as you’re passing by, great. If not, you can just move along and that’s fine too.

Some of the critics have made a more subtle argument — that by putting your film on Kickstarter you’re diverting money away from films by lesser-known directors. What’s your response to that?

ZB: I have something every detractor doesn’t have: the analytics. Most of the backers of my film aren’t people on Kickstarter who had $10 and were deciding where to give it, and then gave it to me instead of someone else. They came to Kickstarter because of me, because of this project. They wouldn’t have been there otherwise. In fact, a lot of people who didn’t know about Kickstarter came and wound up giving money to a lot of other projects too. So for people to say, ‘That’s … up; you’re stealing money from documentaries’ is just not a sensible argument.

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