‘Awesome’: The most overused word in English – and more words to use instead of it


From PR Daily:

Awesome” must be the most overused word in the English language. So let’s stop using it as our default every time we are too lazy, busy, insecure, stupid or whatever to think of a more original or relevant word.

Let’s stop using it because we’re middle-aged business people who think it makes us look cool. It doesn’t.

Let’s stop using it because we are so riveted to the game control, iPhone or other obsessions that we begrudge the brain cells required to process language.

Despite the monotonous ubiquity, most people seem unaware of the full meaning. In addition to inspiring joyful awe, “awesome” can mean inspiring terror, as in “the awesome power of the sea.”

Not only that, the word “awful,” I discovered, is actually a synonym for “awesome,” providing you communicate in an olde English dialect. Gee, I’m starting to sound like Grammar Girl. Back to the anti-awesome movement I’m trying to muster.

In my quest for alternatives to “awesome,” I checked with Wikipedia, Thesaurus.com and some other sources. I also asked people on Facebook and other social media, where I often spot the biggest offenders. I even cooked up a few more on my own.

The anti-awesome list
1. Amazing
2. Astonishing
3. Awe-inspiring
4. Awe-struck
5. Beautiful
6. Beyond the call
7. Breathtaking
8. Brilliant
9. Clever
10. Cool
11. Dazzling
12. Exciting
13. Excellent
14. Exceptional
15. Fabulous
16. Fantastic
17. Great
18. Groovy
19. Heart-stopping
20. Humbling

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