How to Make Sure A Potential Fan Never Comes Back to Your Website


From Host Baby:

Here are some things that might give people a great reason to run screaming away from your site, vowing never to return.
* Flash intros. It is not 2002. Lose it.

* Not being mobile-ready. If someone visits your site on their phone or tablet and it quickly turns into a game of expand-and-scan, they’re bound to bail.

* Hard-to-read text. This could be a result of some haywire color scheme, too-tiny text, or blocks of words with no discernible paragraphs or breaks. Getting people to read about you is hard enough; don’t make the actual process of interpreting the words a chore.

* Your site’s design is from the Stone Age. You don’t need the most cutting-edge web experience in the world to promote your music, but if it looks like you’re still using Angelfire (, people might question your methods.

* Rampant grammar/spelling errors. We’re all human, and nobody’s going to look down their nose at you for a few punctuation flubs here and there. But if your site is riddled with shoddy grammar and spelling, your being-taken-seriously quotient will be in a steady decline.

* Too many ads/overlays. When you click on a link for an article you want to read and it’s suddenly obscured by a big pop-up asking you if you want to join an email list for daily updates, how does it make you feel? This is an honest question. Some people don’t mind them. Some people loathe them. Keep this in mind before implementing something similar on your site.

* Auto-playing music or video. I just checked, and it is still not 2002.

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