Media interview prep 101: How to do it right

From PR Daily:

1. Message development

Key messages are the foundation of most effective communications programs. They are 20-second sound bites that tell your story in an interesting way. The media is not looking for Shakespeare; messages should be succinct, jargon-free sentences using easy-to-understand language.

2. Interview control

Controlling the interview begins with knowing the journalist’s agenda. Never jump into an interview cold. Before agreeing to any interview, ask the journalist a few pointed questions so you can understand what the article or segment will cover:
• What is the focus of the interview and the report you’re preparing?
• Whom else are you interviewing on the subject?
• Will the interview be recorded, or will it air live (for TV or radio)?

3. Message delivery

Message delivery is all about body language and the way you answer questions. If you’re a spokesperson, you need to be confident and poised, especially for TV interviews.

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