The Different Types of Media Coverage For You & Your Band

From Grassrootsy:

Everybody wants media coverage. It puts you in front of new audiences, validates the existence of your project, and looks great on your website (Read: ”THE 3 BIGGEST MISTAKES ARTISTS MAKE ON THEIR WEBSITE“). We thought we’d use today’s post to break down the major types of media you’ll want to be going after.

Album review
Pretty self explanatory. Album reviews are great when a project is new. Don’t contact the media a year after your album is out and ask them for a review. They like to cover things that are fresh. You’ll want to start soliciting for reviews anywhere from 2-4 months in advance of the release. This will increase the likelihood of reviews hitting when your album releases. Read ”HOW DO I SCORE REVIEWS OF MY CD BEFORE THE RELEASE?” and “HOW DO I GET ALBUM REVIEWS?“

Interviews are a bit more flexible. You can always pitch yourself for an interview. There’s no real limit like an album release. Interview are often a great way to “go deeper” with a website that has already reviewed your album. It’s like the next step of exposure – a little more personal and usually easy to get if the site’s already covered you in the past.

Show preview
Going to a new city. Want to pull some people out to your show? Show previews are incredibly ideal. Hit up local media and blogs – especially those who have a weekly preview of weekend events – and pitch yourself for a write-up. Show previous generally come out on Thursdays or Fridays and make readers aware of where to be and what to do in the city. You can normally contact media with 1 months advance notice for something like this.

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