30 years ago this week, with ‘Hand In Glove’, how The Smiths transformed British pop culture


From The Daily Mail:

Three decades ago the Smiths released their debut single Hand In Glove (May 13, 1983).

It was the opening salvo in an incredible torrent of music that, over the next four years, would transform British pop culture.

The song introduced the world to the brilliant partnership of singer and wordsmith Steven Patrick Morrissey – 23 at the time – and the incendiary, lyrical guitarist Johnny Marr – then only 19.
Hand In Glove was written in January 1983, between the Smiths’ second and third gigs.

‘I was at my parents’ house one Sunday evening,’ recalls Marr, ‘and my little brother had a guitar knocking about. I started to play some chords and quickly came up with this riff.

‘I got very excited about it as I knew it was good. But I didn’t have anything to record it on, so my girlfriend Angie – who’s now my wife – ran around to her house and snuck her dad’s car out. I got in the car with my guitar, playing the riff over and over again so I wouldn’t forget it!’

‘We drove to Morrissey’s. I got there, and I’m holding this guitar outside his door in the rain, unannounced. “Oh, hello,” he says, “what have you got there?” I said: “A new song.” “Well, you’d better come in then.”

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