After 4th suicide, teens call for shutdown of

From The Daily Dot:

Following the online-bullying-related suicides of Jessica Laney, Ciara Pugsley, and Erin and Shannon Gallagher, supporters of the girls are calling for the shutdown of

On Sunday, 16-year-old Jessica Laney was found dead in her Hudson, Fla., home after she was called things like a “fuckin ugly ass hoe” on the question-and-answer network.

On, Laney answered anonymous questions about her sex life, relationships, and weight.

“Can you kill yourself already?” asked a commenter. Another wrote, “Nobody even cares about you.”

Supporters started a Facebook remembrance page less than 24 hours after Laney’s death. Many commenters shared kind words for the teenager; others decried and signed a petition calling for it to be shut down.

“Signed……Rest In Peace little angel. Kids watch what you say to each other please. Words can hurt deeply!!! Treat other how you want to be treated,” Tamara Cooper wrote on Facebook.

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