An interview with Justin Lee from Arrested Development. “Annyong”


From Vulture:

It’s a good bet we haven’t seen the last of Annyong “Hello” Bluth. When we last left off, Lucille’s adopted son was revealed to have been (and if any Arrested Development newbies exist, turn away!) plotting against the family to avenge his grandfather, who had originally conceived of the frozen-banana cart. Justin Lee, who won the role of the devious one-line wonder Annyong when he was 14, is not billed for the upcoming batch of new episodes but was spotted at last week’s Arrested Development premiere event in Los Angeles alongside other announced guest stars. Coincidence? We think not. Vulture caught up with the actor, now 23, who told us about having to go through high school with the bowl haircut and introducing a young Michael Cera to funnel cakes.

Annyong had one line (“Annyong!”) for almost the entire original run. What did they ask you to do in the audition?
For sure I had to read the line [laughs], but it’s kind of hard to figure out an actor’s range from one word, so they had me read some lines for George Michael. It was the closing scene of episode three in the first season where George Michael and Michael are having a sentimental moment with the cornballer. He was making really little cornballs. I had no idea what a cornball machine was. They told me I could burn myself on it.

Did you know from the beginning that you’d mostly be saying “Annoyong!”?
A lot of times on shows you end up getting scripts not long before you gotta go on set, so every time I’d get my script I’d read through it and that’s when I’d figure out, “Okay, just one line today.” But I’ll tell you what, one line was challenging. I had to find other ways to be interesting.

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