Blink 182’s Mark Hoppus: “Twitter is the perfect medium” – Midem 2013 conference video

Mark Hoppus, bassist and singer with rock band Blink-182, drew a massive crowd for his “Artists speak to artists” session, last January in Cannes. He fielded questions both from moderator Glenn Miler (of CAA) and the audience, notably on his relationship with technology. He admitted to spending a lot of time on social media, on which he has rather impressive followings — 2.5 million on Twitter, 1m on Google+, 800k Facebook fans — and, crucially, to managing all of his social presences himself.

“These tools are a great way to communicate, to let people know what’s going on with the band… but also to make dick jokes and be silly,” he quipped. The majority of Hoppus’ activity happens on Twitter, his favourite social tool “by far. It’s the perfect medium,” he enthused. “It’s like a puzzle, a haiku. How do I tell this funny story in 120 characters? Not even 140, because I’m a dick and I like to leave people room to retweet!”

Via Midem