Charles Ramsey Is an Internet Hero for All the Wrong Reasons


From The Atlantic Wire:

Already Charles Ramsey is drawing a lot of comparisons on the Internet, and all over Twitter and Facebook, to Antoine Dodson, the Bed Intruder guy who was auto-tuned the world over, but who also happened to be a guy who was talking about the alleged rape of his sister at an Alabama housing project. Indeed, both Ramsey and Dodson are black American men who gained instant fame by way of local television interviews in which, well, neither really seemed like he’d be on television before. Those are their only similarities, but those also may, unfortunately, be the only reasons why these two men have entered the consciousness of so many white American people with a Twitter account or a couple hundred Facebook friends. That they were both connected with horror goes eerily unmentioned. “Perhaps it’s time for the world’s meme artists to stop assuming that any black dude getting interviewed on local news about a crime he helped to foil can be reduced to some catch phrase or in-joke” Miles Klee writes over at Blackbook. “It’s just baffling that we’re trying to find a way to laugh about what is, in itself, a harrowing turn of events,” Klee adds.

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