Liam Gallagher Almost Dies After Eating Blue M&M, Entering Anaphylactic Shock

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From The Huffington Post:

Who knew M&M’s were so threatening? Certainly not Liam Gallagher, who recently had a near-death experience after chowing down on a blue version of the peanut-filled chocolate.

The former Oasis frontman was staying in a hotel while on vacation, found himself hungry and, naturally, indulged in a pack of M&M’s from his room’s minibar. He revealed to The Sun that he went into anaphylactic shock and was quickly taken to a nearby hospital, where he was diagnosed with a peanut allergy.

Gallagher, 40, said his allergy now causes him to carry a syringe in case an emergency arises.

“I’ve done some stuff over the years but never, never did I think a f—ing blue M&M would be the thing that could have killed me,” Gallagher explained to The Sun, presumably referring to his well-known former cocaine use.

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