Thatcher to Brando: The unexpected inventors


From Humans Invent:

Margaret Thatcher invented Soft Scoop Ice Cream. Before entering the world of Politics, Margaret graduated from Oxford University with a degree in Chemistry, and went to work for J.R. Lyons, who, amongst other things, made Ice Cream. As part of a team of three she was given the responsibility to formulate an ice cream that could be pumped through tubes so that it could be dispensed more quickly.

Charlie Sheen has invented a whole range of products, launched his own children’s fashion label (called “Sheen Kidz”), tried to copyright the expressions, “Violent Torpedoes of Truth”, “Tiger Plasma”, and “I am not Bi-Polar, I am Bi-Winning”. He also created one practical and uncharacteristically sensible invention, a ‘Chapstick Dispenser’ that allows users to apply Chapstick lip balm whilst in cold conditions, without removing their gloves.

It turns out that Marlon Brando had a penchant for Bongo drums and invented an innovative drum tuner, which, had he lived longer, would have made him a lot of money.

Francis Ford Coppola created a back-scratcher T-Shirt, which features a labelled grid on the back, and accompanying grid card, so that the user could provide a grid reference of where they needed a scratch. Jamie-Lee Curtis patented a nappy with sealed pockets on the outside containing wet wipes and talcum powder, enabling parents to have everything to hand, to make changing a baby as easy as possible.

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