Elektra Records founder Jac Holzman: ‘Apps are in every artist’s future’

From The Guardian:

Jac Holzman is 81. He founded Elektra Records, signed The Doors, Carly Simon and The Stooges among other artists, and played a significant role in the early days of the CD as a music format.

He should be a dinosaur, railing against new technology, piracy and the decline of the recorded music industry – if that’s your preferred stereotype for an old-school label executive.

Instead, he’s sat down with The Guardian praising the internet’s ability to disintermediate labels; claiming the music industry was “stupid” to sue Napster rather than partner with it; and giving a sharp summary of App Store dynamics at a time when music execs half his age still look blank when you mention Angry Birds.

“The App Store has a hierarchy of success. The first layer is games, and the second layer is utilitarian applications. Weather, atomic clock, all those things,” he says. “Number three is free apps. And music is stuck some place below number 25, because nobody’s really tried to make a good app.”

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