3 Common Music Marketing Mistakes To Avoid At All Costs!


From Dotted Music:

1. Making The Promotions All About You

One of the most common mistakes I’ve seen is people making any promotions all about them. “Now wait a minute…” I hear a load of you thinking, “… if I’m promoting MY, music shouldn’t it be all about me?”

Well, yes and no.

You see, while the final outcome of your promotions should be raising awareness and sales of your music, adopting a ‘me me me’ attitude usually has the opposite effect.

As with anything, people generally only give time to people and things that benefit their lives. They wouldn’t buy a book on money making to make the author more money for example, they’d buy it so they benefit from the knowledge inside. The author making money is just a by product, and not something that factors a lot into the buying process for most people.

Now, in the same way someone would buy a book on making money in order to learn how to increase their income, the only way they’d buy (Or listen to) your music is if it’d benefit them in some way. Therefore, it’s your job to convince them your music will benefit them.

So leave the “Buy my song as I’m really good” lines, and instead show people how your music can benefit them. I’m sure you’ll see an instant change in the way people respond to you.

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