7 Types Of Content Your Fans Will Share


From Connected Comedy:

Do you ever wonder why people don’t seem to share the content you create? Even if they like it, they don’t take that extra step of sharing it with their friends and spreading the word?

The chances are one of the reasons your creations aren’t getting shared as much as you’d like is because what you’re creating may be missing some of the key elements that lead people to share things online. Whether you’re writing blog posts, or producing videos, or releasing a podcast, creating content that features these elements will greatly increase the chances people will share your content.

People won’t share stuff just because it includes these elements, but it will certainly make them more likely to share what you’ve made – assuming it’s good of course.

Here’s 7 types of content fans are likely to share…

1. Content That’s About Them

One of the easiest ways to get somebody to share a piece of content is to create something that’s actually about them. Whether that’s interviewing a fan, or writing about something that they’ve done, or featuring them in a video, the chances are anybody you reference in your content will share it with their friends. The more people you reference, the more will share.

2. Content That’s Created By Them

Another way to pretty much guarantee people will share your content is if you figure out a creative way to include things that have been created by your fans within your own content. For example, you could answer video questions submitted by your fans or you could riff on your fans Facebook pages or review a fan’s tweets. There’s no shortage of creative ways to showcase things your fans have created (and encourage them to contribute more) and doing this will encourage them to share the content and make them feel like they had a role in its creation which gives them a more vested interest in its success.

3. Content That’s Surprising Or Unexpected

If you think about most videos that go “viral,” it’s usually because there’s some kind of surprising or unexpected element to them. Adding some shock value to your content will drastically increase the likelihood people will share it because it creates that “You’ve got to see this” feeling amongst viewers.

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