Video: Say the Same Thing: a self-explanatory mobile game from OK Go

From Engadget:

Bored of Words with Friends? How about a word game created by band (and internet neutrality advocates) OK Go instead of a floundering corporation? Believe it or not, the Grammy-winners have just released a free game for iOS and Android called Say the Same Thing, which actually has nothing to do with the group or its music. It lets you play with a friend or random partner as you try arrive at the same word, by each choosing a new word in common with your previous choices. We gave it a shot, and it’s actually rather fun — yours truly and random internet guy Jason H. each arrived at “Caddyshack” from “Bill Murray” and “movies” after four rounds. You can even play with one of the band members, though there was quite a queue when we tried — see how they roll in the video.