Social Marketing and Digital Media Study to examine musicians’ online activity

Dale Speaking Kickstarts New Online Survey

Social Marketing and Digital Media Study to examine musicians’ online activity

(May 14, 2013, Toronto, ON) – Dale Speaking is thrilled to announce the launch of a new online survey dubbed the Social Marketing and Digital Media Study.  The survey is set to discover the effectiveness of musicians using social media and other online promotional tools. The results of the survey will provide insight into the question of “What do successful artists do online that unsuccessful artists do not?”  The Social Marketing and Digital Media Study is free and is available to musicians to fill out until June 30th, 2013 and can be found here.

The survey is available to musicians from all musical genres and places a microscope over their commonly used online promotion techniques and practices.  Different approaches are often discussed and used by musicians, but little proof exists of which practices are the best.  The goal of the survey is to shed light on which strategies result in success and which are unnecessary.  Musicians who take part in the survey will have an opportunity to see the final report, giving them first hand access to results that may assist in their success.

Lucas ‘Roo’ Raymond, Dale Speaking’s Digital Marketing Manager, is the driving force behind the creation of the Social Marketing and Digital Media Study.  “I have been working online since the late nineties, and I wanted double-check the assumptions about social media and digital marketing.  We’ll ask questions, and the survey results can help answer them,” said Raymond.

This past weekend, Alan Cross mentioned the Social Marketing and Digital Media Study in his keynote at KOI Con in Kitchener, Ontario and is a firm believer in the new survey.  “There is a great need to gather data about how artists are using (or aren’t using) digital tools and social networking to further their careers,” said Cross.  “This survey is an important first step into gauging what’s being done.  The data from the survey will be valuable in teaching artists what they need to do.”   Cross also launched the survey on

There are a total of eighty questions in the survey that range from asking what musicians do online to what they do offline and their success in both fields.  Results from the survey are expected to be released in the fall of 2013.