Brilliant: Daft Punk Makes Every Blog in the World Link to Its iTunes Page



You might have noticed that every music blog in the world and half of its tech blogs are linking to Daft Punk’s iTunes page right now. As one example, Gorilla vs. Bear’s post simply includes an image, a video, and the words: “It’s here. Listen now at iTunes.” If you make the jump from any of these non-critical, “listen to this thing right now”-style posts to iTunes, you can indeed stream all of the French electronic duo’s latest album, Random Access Memories.

For some bands, premiering an album on Pitchfork is pretty much the best thing that can happen — even after the same publication turns around and gives the same “sought after” record a horrible rating a week later. For others, NPR has become a surprisingly effective tastemaker with its own line of album premieres from famous and/or culturally-significant music-makers.

However, Apple, and for that matter, Amazon and other stores make a lot more sense for album premieres, as Daft Punk is currently demonstrating (its album has risen to #4 on the iTunes chart a week before it even ships).

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