Records Labels Prepare Massive ‘Pirate Site’ Domain Blocking Blitz

From Torrent Freak:

In their ongoing battle against websites said to infringe music copyrights, record labels have initiated a fresh wave of actions aimed at forcing UK ISPs to carry out domain blocking. This third wave is set to be the biggest so far, affecting as many as 25 domains and including some of the world’s largest torrent sites and file-hosting search engines. Furthermore, the BPI – the entity coordinating the action – will ask courts to block US-based music streaming operation, Grooveshark.

In early July 2012, a music industry insider informed TorrentFreak that music licensing group PPL had begun polling its members on the issue of piracy.

On behalf of the BPI and by extension the major recording labels in the UK, PPL asked its members whether they had licensed any music to a range of torrent sites including KickAssTorrents, H33T and Fenopy. By February 2013 their motivations were confirmed when the High Court ordered ISPs to block all three sites.

Now, ten months after their initial survey and three months after their latest court success, we can confirm that the BPI have just initiated their most ambitious domain blocking initiative yet. Yesterday on behalf of the BPI, PPL sent out a request to its members, similar in most key respects to the one sent last year.

“Over the past years, UK music labels have innovated to build one of the most vibrant digital music sectors in the world. However, the growth of digital music in the UK is held back by a raft of illegal businesses commercially exploiting music without a licence from the copyright holders,” the communication begins.

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