Ticketfly Launches Fanbase, An Analytics Tool For Promoters To Identify And Reward Their Biggest Fans


From Techcrunch:

Let’s say you go to a lot of concerts. And let’s say you have a big social media following. And maybe, just maybe, you’re such a big deal that when you tell all your friends and social media followers about all those shows that you’re seeing, they want to go, too. Wouldn’t it be great if the venue or the promoter or whomever you’re buying tickets from could reward you for all the incremental tickets that you’re helping to sell through your charisma and social influence?

Well now they can.

Thanks to a new product from Ticketfly, the people who put on those shows you love will now have a tool for identifying and rewarding the customers who attend their events — and get other people to do so as well. Ticketfly’s Fanbase includes a proprietary ranking algorithm to create a list of the most valuable customers for promoters and vendors.

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