Laura Ballance Forced to Stop Touring with Superchunk Due to Hearing Loss


Indie rock vets Superchunk pleased their faithful fan base earlier this week with the announcement of I Hate Music, but that news comes bittersweet as bassist Laura Ballance has now revealed she won’t be touring behind the LP.

A blog post from the four-stringer that went up today (May 16) explains she’s taking herself off the live circuit due to a case of hearing loss, or “hyperacusis.” You can read her letter below

Hello people,

Tickets for the upcoming Superchunk tour go on sale this week and there is something you might want to know. I have been having some problems with my ears, the sort of problems commonly known as “hearing loss,” “ringing,” and less commonly as “hyperacusis.” I have found that playing rock shows for the last couple of years has worsened my condition and I have made the difficult decision not to go out on the road with Superchunk for the upcoming campaign for I Hate Music. And it’s not because I hate music. And it’s not because I am too old. You know, that thing about if it’s too loud you are too old? That keeps running through my head, dammit.

I am really sad that I won’t be out on the road with Jim, Jon, and Mac because it’s a blast. And playing for all of you people who come to our shows is a blast too. It is one of the most fun and gratifying things I have done during my life. I am going to miss you. That said, there is a possibility that I will drop in and play in situations where I think I can effectively protect myself from the loudness. This is not meant to add a roulette element to the upcoming shows. Chances are I won’t be there people, ok? If I will, I will let you know in advance.

You may be wondering how on earth they will play these shows without me. Well, let me tell you, we have come up with an excellent solution to this problem, and his name is Jason Narducy! You will be in good hands.

For clarity, let me add, I have not quit the band. I am really excited to have recorded this new album with Superchunk, and I look forward to making more.

Much love,


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