Need a date to ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’? There’s an online dating site just for you

From The Daily Beast:

“Set phasers to stunning and if that doesn’t work set them to stun!”, one of a number of dating websites that have beamed online in recent years to help Star Trek and sci-fi enthusiasts find love. “If you’re a sci-fi fan and want to meet your Borg Queen or Captain Kirk, try it now!”

Many “Star Trek” fans find love online. (

“Welcome to a dating community that is light years ahead of others,” teases the homepage for “Find like-minded friends, romance, and convention dates with other Trekkies TODAY!”

On, one 22-year-old user from Texas headlines his profile: “Beam me up…to the attractive Trekkies:)” He goes on to say, “I love Star Trek TOS”—that stands for The Original Series, for the uninitiated—“Makes paying for Netflix worth it all by itself. Come watch it with me? Maybe some NG?” (That’s Next Generation.)

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