David Meerman Scott on How To Pitch A Blogger

David Meerman Scott gets several hundred pitches a week from well-meaning PR people and he believes that nearly all of the pitches he receives are just plain spam.

He writes on his blog Web Ink Now on how to increase your chances of getting a blogger like him to talk about you or your clients? Here are some ideas:

Don’t pitch your product.
This is by far the worst thing to do. I may be interested in how people solve problems by using your product or service. But I don’t care about the product itself.

Keep in mind most bloggers have other ways to talk you up.
Don’t limit your pitch to only the person’s blog. Share what you think the person will be interested in, but realize you may be rewarded in a different way. In my case, I might tweet it. Or maybe it is a story is worth adding to a book I’m working on or as a riff in a speech. Don’t limit yourself.

Remember, we’re not journalists.
Bloggers write about whatever we feel like and we aren’t obligated to “tell both sides of a story” or “cover your news.” The best blogs are written by people who are passionate about a topic. Read the blog, discover the passion, and send something that the blogger will be interested in.

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