What happens when you land an interview with Prince

From The Daily Swarm:

After decades of chasing the elusive Purple One, Jon Bream finally scored his dream interview. Prince isn’t punctual, nor is he even reliable. He doesn’t allow interviewers to write or record because he wants to have an honest conversation. There are a lot of hoops to jump through, but imagine the feeling of ecstasy that Bream felt when he finally got to speak with Prince. It’s a great read. Via The Star Tribune:

Sometimes Prince set the agenda. He went into an extended commentary about young stars such as Justin Bieber lip-syncing in concert. He implored music critics to tell the truth about the lip syncers.

Throughout the chat, he muttered “whatever” with the tone of a teenager when he didn’t want to pursue a topic and dropped the phrase “real time” whenever he got enthusiastic. Sometimes he slapped me on the knee to underscore a point.

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