Mitch Hurwitz Explains His Arrested Development Rules: Watch New Episodes in Order, and Not All at Once


From Vulture:

Originally, the new episodes of Arrested Development were conceived as something of a “Choose Your Own Adventure” series for fans: Creator Mitch Hurwitz said we’d be able to watch the new episodes on Netflix any which way we pleased and in any order. Then, last week, after he wrapped the final mix on all fifteen new episodes, he said, scratch that, never mind, please watch sequentially! And, before the shows go live Sunday at 12:01 a.m., PST, he’s intent on making sure everyone knows he has redacted his earlier strategy. “I’m really doing everything I can to put out that misconception that it can be watched in any order,” Hurwitz told Vulture during an interview Tuesday. “Although I really did have that ambition at one point.”

“In good storytelling, you’re surprised by the information. You find out that people aren’t as one-dimensional as they originally appeared to be, or that there’s more to something than meets the eye.
Because of the way we made it and because of the fact that it’s kind of an anthology story, that happens a lot for these characters. We’ll see Gob in a scene in George Sr.’s story, but we won’t really know much about him because we’re following George Sr. So later, when you get to see that scene again and you get to see Gob in that new context, you realize, ‘Oh, he had more of an agenda than I realized.’ That’s the fun of it, I think. It’s really just a different way at getting depth of character.”

Also, he has a suggestion — and it’s just a suggestion — for those planning to get a feeding tube and a bedpan and not leave the couch until they’ve binge-watched the entire seven-and-a-half-hour season straight through: Take it easy, because comedy get less amusing after a few hours. “You’ll get tired!” says Hurwitz. “One of the producers came by when I was in post-production recently, and he said, ‘Can I see some of them?’ and I said, ‘Yeah, we’ve got seven episodes.’ ‘Great.’ And I heard him in the other room laughing and laughing, and then I heard him laughing a little less, and then a little less, and then later I saw him getting a drink of water and I said, ‘What do you think?’ He goes, ‘I’m just getting a little tired. I love it, it’s great, but you can’t really laugh the whole time. You have to take a break. There’s so much material.’”

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