The future of TV (marketing) might be on Twitter

From The Verge:

Twitter CEO Dick Costolo took the stage in Manhattan this morning to talk with a crowd of the biggest advertisers and brands from Madison Avenue. He brought up a slide of a recent tweet, featuring a picture of race cars spinning out of control. “Usually when there is a crash at the Daytona 500 the ratings go down,” Costolo said. “The race stops, the caution flags come out, and people change the channel. But this time Brad Keselowski, one of the drivers, snapped an image of the fire from his car following close behind, and tweeted it out. Not sure why he had his phone in the car, but the point is, the ratings shot up. This is inside-out, unfiltered communication. We’re the only public, real-time, conversational media on the planet. There are some other platforms that manage one or two of these, but none that are all three.”

For Twitter, it’s a sign that its still-young advertising business has been a success, especially around live events. Twitter is looking to own the second screen, the conversation happening on mobile devices while people are tuned in to big events on TV. It’s a broadcast model big brand advertisers are comfortable with and a huge $80 billion market that Twitter can tap into.

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