Man uses photoshop to hang out with celebrities

From Student Bean:

Welcome to our new favourite instagram user Peeje T who counts the likes of Beyonce, Kim Kardashian, Jay-Z and Kanye West amongst his friend group.

Okay, so he may not actually know them – Peeje started instagramming photoshopped images of himself with the stars in April last year to entertain himself and his friends – but who else can say they’ve attending fashion shows with hip hop royalty?

We’ve included our favourite images, together with handy tips should you ever be lucky enough to gain an A-list friend group.

1. Be friendly

enter image description here

2. Don’t criticize their fashion statements

enter image description here

3. Support them in the gym

enter image description here

4. Support them during a tough game

enter image description here

5. Support them in general

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