What do you call a pitch that is thrown like a forkball, comes in at 80 mph, and has no rotation at all like a knuckleball? This.

From Deadspin:

Robert Coello, a 28-year-old righty in the Angels’ pen, has appeared in but eight games this season. Yet what games they were! He has faced 38 batters and struck out 18 of them, with only six hits and one walk allowed. What’s to credit? A pitch that might be magic.

Jeff Passan has a nice column up at Yahoo about Coello and his pitch (seen in the video above), which is, naturally, called the “WTF.” The pitch employs an exaggerated forkball grip, spins like a knuckleball (which is to say that it doesn’t), and travels at 80 miles per hour, faster even than R.A. Dickey’s nutty fast knuckler of 2012. Pitch/FX cannot recognize it. Rob Neyer traces it way back to Bullet Joe Bush, who starred in the 1910s and ’20s.

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