Rdio has some cool new updates to their web and desktop apps


At Rdio, they’re really all about helping you find new music – and the company is truly one of the key players in the direction the music business is going. From Heavy Rotation to label pages, music discovery is always at the forefront of their design.

They’ve just introduced new features to personalize the listeners’ music exploration and give more control over the music you’re listening to, as you’re listening to it.


– **Welcome to Rdio** — New listeners will immediately be greeted by fellow Rdio friends (based on connected Twitter and Facebook accounts), awesome influencers, and the tunes they love when they first sign up. After all, music should be social.

– **Find People** — Just like in the updated iOS and Android apps, current listeners can view a curated list of recommended friends alongside hand-picked artists and influencers to follow.
– **AutoPlay** — Never again wonder, “What should I listen to next?” AutoPlay is a personalized station that plays more music similar to the last song you listened to.

– **Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down** — We’re debuting one of our most-requested features. When playing an artist station, song station, or AutoPlay, just roll over the tracklist to vote on current and upcoming songs. Each time you click, Rdio learns more about your tastes, curating more of the music you love.

– **Start Station** — Can’t get enough of what’s currently playing? Now you can start a new station based on the song you’re listening to by hitting the Start Station button on the album art.

– **New Player** — We’ve integrated the album artwork from the currently playing song for a beautiful and visually-evolving listening experience. Access the full view by clicking the player button on the bottom right. Here you’ll be able to see what’s now playing and the tracklist of upcoming music.

As Rdio’s popularity is mushrooming month to month, I’m really loving their new ideas. But, above all, I’m happy to continue to be living in an era when music is listened to more than any other time.

Let me know what you’re listening to, and how. I’m keen on hearing from you!