Iggy Pop: I don’t like punk

Sonisphere 2010 - Iggy Pop And The Stooges

From Classic Rock Magazine:

To celebrate the release of The Stooges’ second comeback album Ready To Die, Iggy is interviewed in the latest edition of Classic Rock. When asked how he deals with the fact that everyone and their dog calls him the Godfather Of Punk, he responded:

“[Industry suits] have to think in boxes. They have to have a place to put me to reference the whole thing. And they think they have to explain that to an audience of people who are similarly lacking in intelligence or education. So you get that. It’s okay. But it’s tedious.

“We hadn’t sold out one of the shows, so the promoter wanted me to go on the radio. So I said: ‘Alright, I’ll do an interview.’ Well, then that wasn’t enough. They wanted me to talk about five punk songs. And I told them: ‘I don’t like punk.’”

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