Smart DIY marketing tips for small businesses


From Motorhard:

Create ideal client personas for every type of customer you have.
If you’re a realtor you have sellers, buyers, investors, renters, etc.. That’s at least four different types of people with very different goals and pains that you need to understand. Become an expert in learning how to communicate with each type of client you have. This will help you to create content and talking points that will resonate with them in ways your competitors only dream of!

Get your database in order.
When you meet someone put their info into the database…Stay in touch with everyone you meet. If you’re an ambitious little rascal you can create email list segments for each type of ideal client you have so that they each get the perfect message each month from you!

Create relevant and helpful content that will engage each of your ideal client types.
This is huge. Learn to blog, make videos, do podcasts..whatever it takes to become the trusted resource in your industry. I’ve personally helped companies double website traffic and leads by getting them focused on speaking the right language to their ideal clients. Wondering what to write about? Just write down every question that a customer has ever asked you and then, answer it. Sure, there’s a little more to it than that, but this is a great place to start. Here’s the dealio: The more relevant content you create and then more often you create it, the more you’ll be found in searches. Again, it only costs you your time…which you have plenty of if you’re not in front of a client!

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