ASCAP chairman Paul Williams Calls Piracy a ‘Glamorizing’ Nickname for Thieves

From Billboard:

Despite the debacle of SOPA, the Stop Online Piracy Act, that went down in flames after a host of copyleft organizations and internet companies that owe their livelihood to other people’s content ignited a grassroots firestorm of protest against the legislation in early 2012, ASCAP chairman Paul Williams urged delegates attending CISAC’s Copyright Creative Summit, held in Washington, D.C., June 4-5, to continue to speak out against copyright theft and fight for stronger protection in the upcoming planned congressional review of copyright law. In his keynote address, Williams said that calling the illegal downloading of music “piracy” glamorizes what people are doing. He said its just plain outright theft and that’s how it should be referred to. “When lawmakers in North America and Europe tried to enact legislation that would help enforce laws against online fraud and theft, the technology sector said it would break the internet and they called it censorship,” Williams noted. “They said copyright stifles innovation. That is bullshit: Copyright is the very definition of innovation.” Moreover, they claimed that the the legislature would hurt free speech, but Williams argued that “freedom of speech is about political speech; it is not about protecting fraud or theft. They trivialized what free speech means.”

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