Lisa Loeb launches KID Lit radio show

800px-Lloeb09Lisa Loeb

Remember Lisa Loeb? She launched her career in 1994 with the song, “Stay (I Missed You)”, which was included in the film Reality Bites. Lisa was also the first artist to have a number one single in the United States while not signed to a recording contract. Since then, she’s released five studio CDs including her major label debut, the gold-selling Tails and its follow-up, the Grammy-nominated, gold-selling Firecracker.

On the Strip Radio Network, a division of Entertainment Marketing Group, is pleased to announce the launch of “KID Lit with Lisa Loeb,” a bi-monthly radio program that will be distributed to commercial and public radio stations across the country. The show will debut in August of this year, with additional shows scheduled for October and December. The announcement was made by Marinthia Thomas, Sr. Director of On the Strip Radio Network.

On “KID Lit with Lisa Loeb,” the musician, actress and author will interview influencers in the children’s books community for a lively discussion on the latest offerings and trends across the various genres that include chapter books, picture books, young adult novels, and others. Each program will feature 2-3 books, and will be 7-8 minutes in length. “We are excited and honored to work with the always creative and artistic Lisa Loeb on this wonderful new initiative,” said Thomas. Since On the Strip Radio Network debuted less than two years ago, we have had the pleasure of working with Publishers to create radio shows for their book launches that feature some of the biggest names in mainstream and entertainment. Names that include: Former U.S. President Bill Clinton, Elton John, Carole King, Eric Clapton, and Van Halen, among others. All of these shows have been significantly picked up by radio stations across the country, and have been well-received by listeners. We are pleased to add Lisa Loeb to this list, and are confident that ‘KID Lit with Lisa Loeb’ will be a great addition to our lineup of acclaimed and star-studded programs.”

Said Loeb, “I look forward to this great collaboration with On the Strip Radio Network. As a mom, children’s book author, and champion of artistic freedom and expression, I’m always intrigued by fascinating people and their stories. I’m thrilled to have this opportunity to go behind the scenes and talk to some of the most well-respected authors, illustrators, and publishing executives working in children’s books today, to get the inside scoop on their creative processes. I am hopeful that this show will appeal not only to parents looking for great new books for their kids, but to those who may be looking for insight on how to become a published author. I hope that the audience will enjoy each show as much as I’m going to enjoy bringing it to them. I look forward to the amazing possibilities that lie ahead!”

“KID Lit with Lisa Loeb” will debut in August 2013.