Twitter grammer police saye musicianns kan’t rite

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From CNET:

Surely the most important thing about communication is the communicating part, not the following-some-old-Englishman’s-rules part.

And yet there is an app called Grammarly, whose sole existence is predicated on preserving linguistic decorum.

In order to prove its alleged worth, Grammarly decided to analyze the tweets of the famous to see just how terminal grammar skills had become.

Its conclusions will rock you. For the worst writers on Twitter are, allegedly, musicians. They average 14.5 mistakes every 100 words.

How might this compare with other famous people? Why, the most accurate tweeters are, of course, writers. But even they (we), according to these droning Draconians, make 6.9 mistakes per 100 words — which sounds like utter piffle.

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