Alice in Chains’ Advice to Young Bands: ‘Quit Now’


Alice in Chains doled out some more advice on Tuesday May 28 during an Ask Me Anything (AMA) session on Reddit. Alice in Chains used the fan-led Q&A to not only promote their just-released fifth LP, The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here, but also as a platform to encourage (and discourage) eager young bands, name-drop Kurt Cobain, and tease the possibility of an AiC documentary. Read the highlights below.

Alice in Chains’ advice for young bands (cynical edition): “Just quit now. Save yourself before it’s too late.”

Alice in Chains’ advice for young bands (optimistic edition): “If you are dedicated enough to do it there’s nothing that’s going to stop you. Remember it’s your thing and make yourself happy — that’s your only shot to do what you want to do. You have the freedom to do that. There’s many people that will try to turn you into something else. Do your own thing and make something unique and different. Feel free to let yourself be influenced by a wide variety of things — the more that you incorporate the more influences that don’t even have to musical. You can make music influenced by any form of art.”

Alice in Chains’ advice for young bands (rough-edged realism edition): “One of our fears is there’s a kid as good as good as Cobain that isn’t in music. The fact that we are here means you can do it — you just have to be do it. No 1/2 measures. Open wide and be prepared to eat alot of shit.”

Via Spin