Ducks’ Ben Broussard returns to baseball after pursuing music career


From Newsday:

Ben Broussard retired in 2009 after nine seasons in the majors. A guitar player for the majority of his life, Broussard explored a music career shortly after hanging up his cleats. Broussard has released two full-length music albums. The first, his self-titled album, was released in 2005. The second, “Renovated,” was released in 2009.

Yet after realizing he missed spending time with his family, Broussard, 36, decided to put his music career on hold. The Ducks signed the outfielder/first baseman in April.

What made you decide to explore music after retiring from baseball?
It’s weird. Music has always been a big part of my life and I always played since even before high school. When I signed and starting playing pro ball, I started bringing my guitar with me in the clubhouse. I always wrote these songs but I never really thought anything about them. When I was with the Indians, Omar Vizquel, who was really into music, had me over his house one time and he played the drums and I played the guitar. Then I got a call, randomly, from a producer and he said, ‘Hey, I got your name from Omar and I’m doing a record with baseball players who are musical and I want to know if you want to be on it.’ I was a young guy then and I was getting to be on there with all these established stars, so I was pumped. I did my own version of U2’s ‘With or Without You.’

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