The Replacements – July 4, 1991 – Grant Park, Chicago

The band a lot of people thought would never reunite are back – The Replacements have confirmed headlining slots at three Riot Fests in Chicago, Toronto, and Denver. The Chicago festival takes place in Humboldt Park from September 13-15. The Toronto fest takes place August 24-25 at Fort York and the Denver fest September 21-22 at May Farms.

The Replacements, in all their shambolic glory, live in Chicago’s Grant Park, July 4, 1991. This wasn’t announced as their last show it just happened to play out that way, so thanks to Chicago’s WXRT for the hindsight in getting it on tape.

By the way, the show was circulated in the bootleg circles as It Ain’t Over ‘Til The Fat Roadies Play, so look for that in your local…um…stores.

1. “I Will Dare”
2. “Bent Out of Shape”
3. “Achin’ to Be”
4. “Merry Go Round”
5. “Happy Town”
6. “Swinging Party”
7. “One Wink at a Time”
8. “Waitress in the Sky”
9. “When It Began”
10. “Someone Take the Wheel”
11. “Talent Show”
12. “Nobody”
13. “Another Girl, Another Planet”
14. “Hey Good Lookin’”
15. “I’ll Be You”
16. “I Don’t Know”
17. “Within Your Reach”
18. “Can’t Hardly Wait”
19. “Hootenanny”