Netflix Keeps Driving For Original Content, Inks Largest Deal Yet For DreamWorks’ Characters


From TechCrunch:

Netflix has been using original programming to power its Internet-TV business, luring viewers to flagship programming such as the Kevin Spacey-vehicle House of Cards. Today another development showing no let up in its strategy to use exclusive content created to air on its platform to put clear blue water between its streaming service and rivals’: it has inked its largest original content deal yet, with DreamWorks Animation.

There are no figures on the multi-year deal with DreamWorks — not unusual, since Netflix has never confirmed how much it spent on House of Cards. But the streaming service said the agreement is “the largest deal for original first-run content in Netflix history”. What exactly is Netflix buying? First dibs on some DreamWorks Animation’s characters moving into TV, in a branded collection of shows that will comprise more than 300 hours of new programming.

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