How Spotify apps can boost your listens by over 400%

From Midem’s blog:

Last week it was announced that Pink Floyd’s catalogue would be unlocked in Spotify after ‘Wish You Were Here’ gets streamed 1 million times (that target was reached yesterday). It was a brilliant promotion to add to the already exciting news that another legendary band’s back catalogue would soon be available for streaming and so the story gained huge exposure across the music press.

For anyone who is not Pink Floyd, though, it’s very difficult to get your music discovered within Spotify’s vast catalogue, which at the end of 2012, was estimated at 20 million tracks. For artists and labels, it’s hard not to feel like your music or catalogue, are not just drops in the ocean, but this is where apps can come in.

One of the most important aspects of apps within the platform is that they allow for exploration and discovery. Apps provide the opportunity for labels to promote new content, showcase artists and, most importantly, highlight catalogue. In some cases, apps are becoming just another aspect of a new release campaign.

There have been some great label apps developed, which have led to a large amount of streams being notched up. A prime example is when classical labelX5 launched their app Classify. X5 saw streams of their album ‘The 50 Greatest Pieces of Classical Music’ increase 412% in a month.

In this case, the app built catalogue awareness so much that it led to an increase in digital sales: the album’s iTunes sales shot up 50%. This is turn saw the album hit Number 1 in the Swedish iTunes Classical charts; plus it also went into the iTunes Top 200 album charts for the first time, hitting Number 152. A pretty phenomenal case for a successful app!

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