Courtney Love on her new album and memoir


From Flavorwire:

You’re touring now — are you going to be playing some of the new material?

No. I’m not. I can’t. I don’t want it to leak. And my book’s coming out at Christmas, too, so it just makes the most sense [to release the album then]. [The book] is coming out on Harper Collins, and they’re really determined to give it a huge push. I actually have a huge writing session with them in about 20 minutes. And it’ll be out by Christmas the way they’re pushing me… It’s like, today we’re going to deal with my emancipation, tomorrow we’re going to deal with this funeral, and the next funeral, and the next funeral, and tomorrow we’re gonna deal with Frances, and today with Michael Stipe. And today fashion. Fashion stuff is fun. I did that yesterday.

It’s an autobiography, then?

It’s a memoir. It’s not salacious in the sense of… if you look at my Wiki it looks like I’ve had sex twice. I’m trying to keep that myth going. You know, my stuff with other people — that thing — is really nobody’s business. I made that really clear with Harper Collins from the beginning, that there was going to be no malarkey, no name-dropping like that. I mean, it’s super important to keep my private life discreet — the few times that’s been breached, it’s never been a good thing. Edward Norton and I dated [but] you never saw us on a red carpet together. Other than personal snapshots there’s very few photos of us together. It’s not public, and I like it like that.

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