Tucked away in Man Of Steel were plenty of fan shout-outs and hints about future movies

From Den Of Geek:

As a Superman fan, it’s tough not to notice the multiple nods to other versions of the story – things that only the most devoted would pick up on. Here are nine Easter eggs hidden in the film that you may or may not have noticed first time round…


Although absent from big screen proceedings for the first time since 1983’s Superman III, the shadow of Superman’s historical arch-enemy, Lex Luthor looms large in Man of Steel. The logo for the bald genius’s company, LexCorp, features three times during the films, while writer David S. Goyer has already hinted at how any future incarnation of the character may be presented in a future film.

“If Lex is going to exist in the world, we would presumably have to give him the same treatment that we gave Lois Lane in the first film, which is to make him a credible character. He’s the corollary to being a good love interest; he’s gotta be a man of incredible intelligence, and presumably a man of incredible wealth and incredible resources.”

That sounds a lot like the version of the character that was introduced into the Superman canon during John Byrne’s Man Of Steel revamp back in 1986. Establishing Luthor as not only a formidable scientist, but also both a businessman and philanthropist, the LexCorp head was very much the ‘king’ of Metropolis before Superman’s arrival on the scene.

Judging by the not too subtle seeding of Luthor’s presence throughout the film it looks like this may well be the way that Goyer and director Zack Snyder go with the character in the inevitable sequel.

Wayne Enterprises

During the final battle between Kal-El and General Zod there’s a ‘blink-and-you’ll- miss-it’ nod to Wayne Enterprises. Situated on the side of an orbiting satellite that the two duelling Krytponians turn into yet more collateral damage, it’s a subtle, yet telling nod to the future for the wider DCU on film after Man Of Steel.

While Goyer has categorically denied that the Bruce Wayne alluded to here is the same version of the character from Goyer and Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight trilogy, it’s hard to see Warner Brothers totally ruling out the possibility of bringing Bale back.

While Batman himself is a big draw, surely a team up between Henry Cavill’s Superman and Christian Bale’s Batman is a far more enticing prospect for moviegoers than any potential reintroduction of the character?

However, given Nolan’s clout at the studio, perhaps any possibility of a return for Bale has already been quashed once and for all? Certainly the studio would want to keep their most successful filmmaker onside, but in Hollywood even the most unlikely of deals have a habit of being made.

Either way, put money on these two icons of pop culture crossing paths sooner rather than later either in a Superman/Batman team-up flick or the inevitable Justice League feature.


Like the Wayne Enterprises logo, another subtle Easter egg buried within Man Of Steel is the existence of a mysteriously empty cryo-tube inside the buried Kryptonian scout ship that becomes Superman’s de-facto Fortress of Solitude.

Questions about who filled that tube aren’t answered in the film itself, but one of the Man Of Steel’s tie-in products does give us the surprising answer to that question. In a prequel comic, penned by the film’s screenwriter David S. Goyer, we’re told that the scout ship was in fact co-piloted by one of Superman’s ancestors, Kara Zor-El. Or, as she’s more commonly known to the wider world – Supergirl!

While no one should take the contents of a prequel comic as a definitive direction for any future sequels, the fact that this strip was written by Goyer and clearly references an event within the film itself seems to indicate that come sequel time perhaps a fellow member of the House of El is out there in the ice, waiting for Superman…

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