Hero video of Chinese workers banding together to catch a little girl falling out of a fourth floor window

From BubbleNews:

A surveillance video captured the instant some workers came together to catch a little girl after she fell from a 4th floor window in the village of Yeung, China on Thursday.

The amazing video, posted to YouTube, shows the dramatic moment when eight workers for a courier company on Taoyuan Street, all outside the building in an alley, heard screaming above and noticed shoes falling to the street.

Suddenly, the 8 men realize a little girl was hanging out the window of her apartment on the 4th floor. Rushing together, 6 of the men were able to break the girl’s fall with their outstretched arms before she hit the pavement. Such an impact otherwise would likely have resulted in her certain death.

The girl, obviously terrified, is embraced by one of the men as another begins writhing in agony and collapses onto a doorstep. He apparently was injured, possibly with a broken wrist.

The story was covered in China Daily and a translation reports that the girl, although badly scared and shaken, was not seriously hurt. Her parents had left her alone for just a few moments while the father took her mother to a hospital. When they left the apartment, according to the article, the girl had been fast asleep.